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Letting things take time with Hernö Slow Sloe Gin.

There is an old saying that reads ”Good things take time”. This is a proven fact to us since we really love to mature our gin in different ways. Being the very first distillery in the world to mature gin in juniper casks we like to call ourselves pioneers. This time we wanted to stretch both time and ourselves even further by giving our dear and beloved berries a total of eight full months to mature together. To be launched in Sweden on January 25.

The man behind this product is Magnus Ernstsson, distiller at Hernö Gin. His belief ”something tasty plus something tasty will be tasty” and he wanted to create a combination of two goodies challenging ourselves with something completely new.

– I wanted to try to mature Hernö Sloe Gin on juniper casks that have been used to mature Hernö Juniper Cask Gin. The path from thought to action is never long at Hernö Gin, so the same day we stood in the distillery with juniper casks filled with our Sloe Gin, Magnus tells.

Palate brought to perfection during eight months.
– Hernö Sloe Gin is the result of a process where Hernö Dry Gin has matured four months with ripe sloe berries. Finally we let our Sloe Gin mature four months in 39.25 litre juniper casks. Hernö Slow Sloe Gin is brought to perfection slightly sweetened before bottling, explains Magnus.

Summing up, Hernö Slow Sloe Gin has matured totally eight months to develop its unique taste and is a combination of two good things: Hernö Sloe Gin and Hernö Juniper Cask Gin, the very first gin in the world matured on juniper cask.

Tasting notes:
Nose: Lavish floral nose with plentiful juniper wood and juniper. Jammy sloe berries.
Palate: Fruity with intense juniper and fresh juniper wood. A little sweetness and a mellow texture.
Finish: Lingering, fruity finish with a certain sweetness that slowly is turning to a dry spiciness.

The fifth product in the series Interpretations.
Hernö Slow Sloe Gin is the fifth product in the series Interpretations by Hernö Gin. An homage to the art of slowness with this double matured lovepotion, interpreted in the painting on the label.

– The artist Hans Forsell has captured our thoughts with great finesse. In his mind our juniper cask becomes a snail shell and the watch as a symbol of time adorns a wildwood where time is standing still. I’m impressed of his creativity as well as Magnus creativity while creating Hernö Slow Sloe Gin, says Jon Hillgren, Founder and Master Distiller at Hernö Gin.

– This is a true piece of art. Letting things take time is a precious matter in a world of milliseconds and supersonic speed. Slow down and enjoy, he adds.

Hernö Slow Sloe Gin
Launch in Sweden: January 25.
500 ml, 40% ABV, 1,066 bottles totally produced.

Previous products in the series Interpretations
• Hernö Jolie Rouge Dry Gin, 2019. 849 bottles. 45.2% ABV.
• Hernö Eighteen Ninety One Dry Gin, 2019. 3,500 bottles. 41.1% ABV.
• Hernö Botany Bay Dry Gin, 2020. 6, 863 bottles. 43% ABV.
• Hernö Artisan Ten Gin, 2021. 1,921 bottles. 45.7% ABV.

Om Hernö Gin

Hernö Gin är världens ledande producent av hantverksmässigt framställt gin. Stolta pionjärer som startade Sveriges första gindestilleri 2011.Allt började med en passion för den ädla spritdrycken med dominerande smak av enbär och drömmen om att skapa gin. En resa som tog Hernö Gins grundare Jon Hillgren till platser och gindestillerier världen över i sitt sökande efter kunskap och ginspiration. Till sist bosatte han sig i den lilla byn Dala nära Härnösand i Höga Kusten, Sverige. Hernö Gin skapar världens mest prisbelönta gin med naturliga och ekologiska örter och kryddor i de handslagna kopparpan- norna Kierstin och Marit. Måna om hantverket, transparens i alla led och med fokus på kvalitet, har Hernö Gin siktet inställt på att föra premiumginkulturen in i allas vardagsrum.


Jon Hillgren
Jon Hillgren