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The coolest cocktail of the winter season: The Negroni Warmer.


Patrik Tapper, exceptional bartender and master of the art of challenging the conventional, has really crossed a border this time: A mix of Irish Coffee and Negroni. Has he lost his mind? Not at all. This is pure brilliance. And this might be the coolest drink of the winter season.

– Now that winter slowly is nearing us and perhaps the darkest (both literally and mentally) autumn to exist is getting a hardy grip around us it feels more important than ever to have something warm to fill your glass with, says Patrik.

The Negroni Warmer is taking the tradition of Irish Coffee to a new level.
The Irish Coffee has since long been one of the brightest stars in our cocktail sky and has, since it was created at an airport in Ireland in the 1940’s, warmed and welcomed many travellers wherever it has been served. The drink consists of a delicate and warming blend of Whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream.

Endless variations have during the years been created with liqueurs and spirits taking the place of the Whiskey, but almost without exception having the coffee as the key ingredient.

– I say it is about time we change that and put on a new gown where this seasons new flavors brings us something completely fresh and unheard of. Let’s mix the warmth and the smoothness from the cream together with The Negroni! I know, it might sound completely crazy to put cream onto a Negroni that you have heated of all things to do. But I highly encourage you to give this a try, states Patrik.

To morph the two classics Irish Coffee and The Negroni, which is by far the trendiest cocktail on the planet right now, can only tell us one thing: You will get the best of two worlds and a combination of sweet, bitter and smooth, Patrik rounds up.

The Negroni Warmer:
20 ml Hernö Old Tom
20 ml Antica Formula
20 ml Carpano Botanic Bitter
20 ml water
20 ml sugar
double cream
orange zest or nutmeg

Heat it until sugar has dissolved, pour into hot glass (preferably one meant for an Irish Coffee) and top it with lightly whipped and fluffy double cream. Finish it off by grating some orange zest, or nutmeg if you prefer, on top of the drink.

Om Hernö Gin

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Jon Hillgren
Jon Hillgren