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Pure water from our own well, an important ingredient in Hernö Gin.

Water is a prerequisite for life and a part of nature’s eternal hydrologic cycle. A renewable natural resource that is a heritage to shield. And a loan to handle with care. Each day we borrow water from mother nature to create our organic gin. Clean and clear water from our own well at the distillery in Dala. A source that has been providing generations with water for centuries.

On this very ground lived in the early 1700s Kierstin, who has given name to our first hand hammered copper still, with her husband Anders who was a carpenter. They were collecting water from the same hydrologic cycle as we are, in a landscape formed by the inland ice that was covering Dala ten thousand years ago.

When the ice melted, a process that took several hundred years, the water carried layers of stone, grit, sand and clay that today constitute bedrock and soil in the forest and cultivation landscape surrounding Dala. The result is a geology that together with the climate in our part of Sweden ensures good access to water today and in the future.

Natural filtered water added to our organic gin.
The hand dug well is today supplying Hernö Gin with fresh ground water that has been filtered by earth layers and bedrock. Nature’s own water purification system gives us a unique and pure ground water that can be consumed without treatment. We choose to blend it with gin distilled in our copper stills Kierstin, Marit and Yvonne to achieve the desired alcohol content in our different products.

Water is the only ingredient that we add after the distilling process. The outcome is an organic London Dry Gin in the super premium segment, awarded world’s best gin every year since 2015 in the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world.

Back to the source in an eternal hydrologic circle.
The water on earth is a part of an eternal hydrologic cycle. And the water we are borrowing to our production is lead away, cleaned and returned to the nature in an effective and environmentally friendly way by a sustainable sewage system.

The gin that you are buying from us in any corner of the world is also returned to the hydrologic cycle sooner or later. And who knows, via rainfall, snow, winds and water flows maybe it will find its way back home to our unique water source in Dala. A staggering thought.

Om Hernö Gin

Hernö Gin is the world’s leading and most awarded craft gin producer. Proud pioneers who started the first gin distillery in Sweden back in 2011. It all began with a passion for the juniper predominant spirit and a dream evolving to gin crafting. A journey that took Hernö Gin’s founder Jon Hillgren to places and gin distilleries all around the world in his thirst for knowledge and search for inspiration. Finally settling in the small village of Dala just outside Härnösand in the High Coast of Sweden. Hernö Gin is crafting the world’s most awarded gins from natural organic botanicals in the hand hammered copper stills Kierstin and Marit. With a mindset of crafting, transparency in all parts of the process and total focus on quality, Hernö Gin intend to bring premium gin culture to every home.


Jon Hillgren
Jon Hillgren

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